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Who We Are

When I had kids, I wished to create a place that is not just a daycare, but a home, where a child is welcome and loved, where they will want to return again and again to be with their Friends.

Tatiana Zaytseva, Founder

We are licensed daycare.

License Number - 376100356.

Our home has passed an inspection by the California Child Care Licensing Regulation. It meets all of the requirements and is safe for children of all ages.

Our founder and assistants comply with the California Child Care Licensing Regulation. Fingerprinted, background checked, pediatric first aid and CPR trained and certified.

The full capacity of our daycare is 6 children between the ages of 2 and 7 years old.

Children of different ages learn how to play together and care about each other.





Tatiana, Founder

I am a mother of a wonderful princess and a little Jedi. 

Friends Home Daycare is my third child.


Seven years ago, I exchanged my office job for 24/7 “mom” position.

During my 7 years of motherhood, I have read all the books, which simultaneously mentioned the words "children", "development" and "love".

I have studied the results of research on child brain development and the cycles of how the child's body works, compared the main theories and approaches to child development (Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Attachment Theory).


Understood that the most important part is to have children feel at home and surrounded by love, it greatly helps them to develop, especially in the sensitive period from 0 to 5 years old. It doesn’t matter what way you develop them, it is important to do it with love and then children will want to learn from you!

Realizing that I was ready to share my experience of parenting and love for children, I had a dream to create a place where children will make themselves at home, where children will be happy, where they are loved, where they want to come again, like visiting friends. And so, the "Friends Home Daycare" was born.


“Friends Home Daycare” – a Home Where You Are Needed and Loved!


My children can’t wait to meet their new friends.

My Education

Courses completed in Russia:

Psychology of Maternity, 2016, 

Breastfeeding Counseling, 2016,


Courses completed in the USA: 

Child Development for children 3-5 years old, 2019,

Child Development (organization of the developing environment in daycare), 2020.

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